Papaya is a fruit species that is normally found in our home furnaces. Papaya people are eating papaya and thrips. Papaya papaya is made of salt and curry. Bread is like sweet sweet curry too. Papaya has many health benefits.

In some cases, eating papaya is harmful to the health of medicines .The medicinal properties also have the opportunity to produce more papaya poisoning .

The medicines for blood pressure should not be eaten by the side of the papaya .That is because the blood pressure is less susceptible to health,

It 's a good thing to do .It' s like a lot of things to do .That 's it. Papaya may contain a lot of allergic reactions in the papaya .That is why papaya is an essential ingredient in the preparation of papaya genetic disorders.

It is important to note that eating papaya is a great way to eat papaya. It is important to eat papaya.

About 1000 to 1200 plants per acre can be planted. The best time to grow seedlings is during February and March.

 Seedlings can be planted in small polythene bags. Add sand, cattle pudding and cleaned soil and mix the papaya seeds in a depth of 5 cm in prepared bags. Seedlings should be irrigated as needed.

Two month old seedlings can be transplanted. In May and June, transplanting is recommended. The roots should be removed from the mixture by planting topsoil and organic manure in pits prepared in half a meter in two meters away.

Add organic manure. Dust or compost should be given a gap of one and a half months. Adding a little lime helps to reduce mucous membranes. Production of urea and potash and 100 g each of 100 g of fertilizer will be added to the fertilizer.

It is important to look at water at the bottom of the plants and look for the weeds. When the plants begin to flower, the male goats should be transplanted.


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