Sikkim is one of the few Indian states that have a permanent snowfall falling into the Paradise on Earth. Sikkim is situated amidst the snow clad Himalayan mountain range, which gives a great experience to the Sikkim.

Sikkim is one of the northeastern states in India that has attracted domestic tourists for over a decade. Sikkim, the second smallest state in India, is home to four and a half lakh people in four districts. The Teesta River flows through the mountains and the upper lakes and the upper lakes flows through the mountains.

Located in the Siliguri Corridor near Banglada, Sikkim is one of the most significant biodiversity centers in the world. That's why Sikkim belongs to Paradise on earth. Located in the north of Sikkim is Tibet, the Bhutan in the east and Nepal in the east and the state of West Bengal, which is a mixture of many languages ​​and cultures. However, Buddhism's culture is increasingly reflected.

Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world and the tallest peaks in India, is the first sight to visit. From the four quarters of the sunlight to the daytime light from the sunlight, it is clear that if the sky is clear, Sikkim can see the

Veyyar Kanchenjanga at the Nepal border. In Sikkim, where there are more than 28 small and small peaks, 230 lakes and streams of more than 100 rivers, including Kanchenjunga, temperatures go up to minus 40 degrees Celsius in winter. The average temperature is 18 degrees Celsius, and tourists from all over the world prefer to enjoy it.

 During the monsoon and winter, there is a foggy path. The three-quarters of the small state is forest. Sikkim owns more than 550 animals, birds, plants, more than 500 rare species of orchids, trees and more than 900 herbs. Red panda, the official animal of the state, can be seen anywhere in the forests.

Mongolian culture

Though many people have migrated to Sikkim, they are all Mongols. More people, tradition and legacy are the Nepali traditions. In the 14th century, the Bhutia migrants from the Kham district of Tibet and the Lepcha clans, the Biharis and the

Bengali settlers living in the eastern extremities of Tibet are now living in pockets like Sikkim's capital Gimptok. It is located at an altitude of 5410 ft above sea level and has over six lakh inhabitants of the entire population.

Only 86 people per square kilometer tamasikkunnatinal This is known as the density of the low literacy rate of the state sansthanameum karsakaratakkam vidyasamparayatinal the Himalayan states with high per capita income of disruption in India ..

English, Hindi is the official language in the majority of cases where the know patineanniladhikam It refers to. Sikkim is known as the multilingual and multicultural state. Nepali, Sikkimese, Lepcha, Tamang, Limbu, Newari, Rai, Gurung, Magar, Savar, Sherpa are the other languages.

Pawan Chamling with Powerful Power

Sikkim chief minister is the record for the longest ever CM in India. On 16 May 1975 at the 22 Indian states of Sikkim, added to the 1977 elections, the Indian National Congress in 1984 and 89 in Sikkim, Pawan canlinginumallate vijayiccatealiccal Sadar Parishad Party will provide to the local party from 1994 onwards,

 Sikkim Democratic Front led the party to victory, no one else Tayittilla. There is only one seat in the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha. The Sikkim Assembly has 32 seats. Pavankumar Chambling continues his rule through generational projects. The focus of the CM is to focus on the basic needs of the people without focusing on the high tech development projects.

Total Biosphere Reserve

Sikkim, one of the oldest living organisms in the world, is the first fully organic biodiversity of biodiversity. Sikkim, known for its flowers and orchids, is the perfect organic state in the long run since 2016. The Chief Minister has taken the first step in 2003

. In recent years, more than 75000 hectares of land was transferred to organic farming and obtained organic certificates. Of the 1.24 million organic commodities sold in India, about 80000 tonnes of products are from Sikkim. By Sikkim


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