The size of Kerala is called the Netherlands. Our population is half. Holland is the second largest in the world in terms of agricultural exports. Only the United States has stood before them.

Such a comparison is unnecessary with the US, which is 237 times larger than that of Holland. In Holland, only about 4 per cent of people work in agriculture and 21 per cent of the country's exports are from agriculture. How the Dutch are so proud in agriculture.

It is not the best of the Dutch made by one or two days. It has been a success as a result of continuous continuous research and exact scientific practices. Twenty years ago, the Dutch took an oath in an agrarian act.

It was about to double the yield by using half the breadth. One of the biggest changes made to agriculture is to make greenhouses. This led to a reduction in agriculture by 90 per cent. Never have pesticides in greenhouses.

 Today there is no one in the field of agricultural research and technology. Since 2009, the use of antibiotics has reduced the use of antibiotics by about 60%.

The Weinengan Research University of the Agricultural Research of the Netherlands. It is learned that 12000 students from 100 countries are considered to be the world's best agricultural and forest research university. Here's the food and the foodstuff.

About 45 percent of the students in the country are from abroad. Many of them are from Africa and many African countries, who have studied and collaborated with ministries in various countries around the world.

Chilli and tomato are grown mainly in greenhouses. The greenhouse, made of galvanized steel, has 25 years of age. Often, artificial light is used to alleviate the inadequacy of sunlight. In the Netherlands there is a lot of paypool.

Most of the students working in the interval often work in the field of agriculture. Their tasks are to plant crops to grow, planting trunks, harvesting and harvesting. Pheasants are also used in the paste to make the paste. Using a pair of peppers is a profit of around Rs.

The amount of carbon dioxide concentrates in the atmosphere of the greenhouse for yield. The temperature in the green houses is adjusted with the heat generated from the earth's surface.

The use of millets is a big step in agriculture. Larvae of ladybags are made and they are using the plants to lose their drinking water. Thus, a company producing larvae exports them to 96 countries. Pheasant is widely used for bees.

The time and severity of the light to make the honeybees do not lose their sense of time in artificial light. The use of bees for pollination found 20-30 percent farming capacity.

The Netherlands is in the forefront of seed production and exports. Exports worth Rs 12,000 crore in 2016. Many of these are exposed to pest and protect against pest infestation. The Netherlands cooperates to implement agriculture technology in other countries.

Due to the region tripled ulppadanavard'dhana vilavukurayunna crops to drought and performing grinhasukal barriers Try to use purnnateatilulla ullasthalannalil technology, including lodging. What the report provides nutrients to the soil, crop, should take a look at the structure of using a device running maninre seayilkeyels appineappam a Dutch company, was sent to the Netherlands on the phone pattuminirrukeant darrabesilekk result.

About 80 percent of the world's meat meat manufacturing machines are manufactured in the Netherlands, most of them in machine tools. The best efficiency in the Netherlands with more than nilanilkkattakka nirm'manaritikalum ancumatann agricultural productivity and ulppadanaksamatayekkal the European Union.

Like Kuttanad, four quarters of the Netherlands are below sea level and 21% of the population live here. When problems such as stress increases, decreasing arable places in the world, the global Climate imitate Try bhaksyasuraksaykkayi models in the Netherlands.


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