The terrace farming is inspired by the idea that when the vegetable is needed to make a bark, the green manure does not change the greenery from its own terrace.

Social goals, including the ability to work hard for each and every one of them to eat, and to learn more about nature, will encourage Terra Agriculture.

This innovative farming technique is available to the pressures of the market and the free trade of the newly lost food crops subject to excessive pesticides and unhealthy production.

Terrestrial agriculture is most successfully utilized by the most reasonable utilization of soil, a sufficient amount of water, the loss of energy that is lost in vain and the remnants that are becoming a serious social problem.

Terra cultivation is also a new way of extending the borders of many parts of the world as part of a more intricate use of natural resources that are dwindling as energy, water, and agricultural land.

Tertiary farming can be used for health and mental health in addition to food security and financial benefits. And the roof is also a good homeowner.

Fertile weather and visual beauty can be sustainable throughout the family. Terrace farming is a good example of the best combination of sunlight, water and biomass.

One could assimilate the global goal of reducing the production and spread of greenhouse gases by participating in terrace farming.

Tomatoes, pheasants, eggplant, pumpkin, canned papaya, pumpkin, pumpkin, spinach, radishes, chilli etc. can be easily cultivated.

In addition, on experimental basis, all the short term crops and tubers can be grown on the terrace. Special preparation can be grown on the terrace with pine, banana, lemon, papaya and tapioca.


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