This disease is mainly seen with the beginning of the monsoon. Vultures quickly wither and dry up completely. The main symptoms are tastes, leaves of yellowing, dark black on leaves, and twitch burning.

The soft new wave starts with a thick roots and taires, roots are completely rotting, so the water and the elements do not reach the stems and leaves, the leaves dry up and dry up and dry up. The leaves have dark spots, and the leaves quickly dry up.

Collect the vines from the infected area Plead the affected plants with the roots and burn them to the ground Pre-rain for water in the garden

Soak the soil to prevent the water from standing on the bottom of the vine Avoid soil erosion and budding at the base of the monsoon Trichoderma can be propagated by producing organic manures such as jaggery or jaggery or jaggery, giving 2.5 kg

By the time of the monsoon, the mold is spreading with mold. Completely in three years. The disease occurs because of rabbits, neemes, and mealy bugs.

The main reason is the attack on the nebula. They are rooted in the roots to form the tumors. The roots of the roots are affected by the fungus. In the next rainy season, the disease has been severely worse. Disease is one of the main causes of this disease.

If the intensity of the disease is high, remove the plants and destroy them.

It can be resistant to a certain amount of pigment

Add at the bottom of the kominist green, marigold, and shimona

Put 3 kg potato cake per gallon of coconut

Provide Pichhonia Clamidosporia pedosomeses lilacinas, a chiropractor (25-50 g.

Trichoderma mixed cowdung + put it into the neem cake (3 kg of crude)


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