The plants grow at our own farms as the weeds, ie any kind of plants that we can compete with the crops we plant in our farms. The main cause of this is the symptoms of pesticide attacks.

 But silent killer as a weed is competing with crops for nutrients, water, sunlight and space. Final matches will be the same in such matches.

We lose only the yield when the weaning of the weeds is indirectly due to the obvious consequences. Therefore, it is important to control the weeds at the right time

Echinochloa spp is one of the most important grasslands in the main field of paddy fields and is found in Kollam district.

 To destroy these weeds, Kollam Agriculture Investment Center conducted a farm test in 2016-17. Use of vegetarians is the most efficient and costiomatic way to weed.

Comparison of pineapples, a horticultural phenomenon with a new generation (cynicose green) and handmade weeding. Low Dose High Eifficacy (ELHE) is a plant species of pineoxumum (crazy green). But the utility is relatively high.

Trichogramma, a small insect, is a hippopotamus. They plant eggs and thoroughly thoroughly exploit pests like turmeric and leaf clotting pests.

Trichograms and moths destroy the eggs of pests and destroy them. Trichogramma cards are the cards that trick the eggs of the trichogramma.

 There are 1 CC-sized cards that can contain up to 10000-20000 eggs. There are two types of cards.

Trichogramma japonicum cards and yellow trichogramma japonicum cards that can be used against screed counter and trichogramma chilonis cards that are used against pigmentation.

1 cc-sized cards are cut into 10 equal assignments, leaving a piece of 5 sent. In many ways, they can be put on agriculture.


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