Mushrooming should be initiated only when technology training on chutney cultivation is achieved.

Strawberries and milk are the main sources of banana and strawberries. Only good grass and yellow dried straw is obtained. Rubber wooden should be new and white.

Water should be boiled in water for 8-12 hours and boil or boil water for at least 30 minutes. The formalin / bevestin mixture should be properly prepared (500 ppm formaline + 75 ppm M. Bavistin) for at least 18 hours for dosage. More than 50-60% moisture should not be in the media.

Lots of hybridization can also lead to infection. Mushroom growth will come down. During the rainy season, moisture affects mushroom cultivation due to moisture in the mushroom. The water should not be drained when it has been finished. But in your hands you need to get wet.

The mushroom room should maintain good ventilation and coolness and maintain 95-100% tenderness. You can water the floor in the floor or in chocolate. Wash the mushroomed chamber daily and remove the beds started by the infection.

After harvesting, remove mushrooms from the mushrooms and sprinkle one percent of bleaching powder and clean the mushroom.

Another problem is pest incidence. To keep the fly and the mushrooms away from the mushrooms, the windows of the window, door and other open areas should be 30-40 mesh. Add spice soap mixture on the ground and on the bottom of the floor and sprinkle it at least once a week.

Once a field is grown, mushroom pots should be replaced with mushrooms. Smoking can be used with 2% Formalin or Formalin -Pitasium Permanent Net Mixture. Here are five varieties of chapacoon breeds successfully. Fluoratus Florida, which receives white color and the first harvest within 18-22 days, has a gray piguretous Eurasis and pleuratus ophthalmic, which gives the crop in 22-25 days. It is also cultivated by Plourost's Florida.

Kalosibamba jambossa are the best breeds of milk in Kerala and are suitable for cultivation in Kerala.


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