Most of the total energy output combined with 36 reactors, solar, biomass and hydropower plants in Germany, produced from renewable energy sources.

 Since a central control is controlled by the unit, this deficiency can be solved by raising the production in another plant linked to the unit in the unpredictable state of any plant.

Many of the projects that have been introduced here are successfully conducted in our country. Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy have to adopt countries like our country and renewable energy sources.

Unless we have started using such natural resources on a commercial basis, our country will have to deal with a bigger crisis

Apply external energy sources

Our scientists are trying to extend their availability to the emerging earthquakes in the solar ecosystems of oil, coal, natural gas and other biological energy sources.

In spite of this effort, a few months ago, a robotic lander - the downward movement to the surface of an eelam is very important in external desires. But the United States. The FIG. A Blessing of the Spirits Agency is very similar to this one.

It is investigating here that Saturn (Tamairer) is the moon known as Titan. Scientists are contemplating sending a rotor submarine to the oils on Saturn's moon's moon.

Titan's seas are not waterfilled, instead they are filled with hydrocarbons of methane (EO 4) and etheno-E 2 o 6) in a liquid state of 180 degrees Celsius.

Titan is a copy of a much more condensed earth. This indicates the possibility of its research subject. Encourage researchers to spread researches to outside world discoveries. The leadership of the CHAAEA KIMSYLA AIRYRILLA (CHAAE) is funding this project. The scientist behind this project According to our demeanor, this goal will certainly be of great help with tools, time and technology.

Investigative teams are now widely employed by marine maritime surveillance cameras (Daimler Direphragmic Dialectic Dandruff), which do not cover human milestones, and scientific tests and oil exploration.

The current technologies in the shade will be very useful in learning about another world. What's significant about this project is that of the United States. The FIG. In the military mini-space mini-skyscraper the 37 is to this. United States The way to send V exports is known.

This submarine (UVV) should fit in the demolar towel's payload bay along with the content sent in a rocket. Once the titanium is delivered, the shuttle and its payload will move down the tailor-made suit like the sutton of Titan. (It is the easiest way to hide the file).

The scientists plan for an adventurous aerospace scientist to investigate the external energy sources. They have decided to send a robot submarine to Titan Oil on the moon of Saturn.

 If the project succeeds, the next aim will be to bring fuel oil from the Titan to the fuel oil. Perhaps, it may be harder than the oil exploration mission. It is only necessary to accept a secure exporting system from source.

Human beings have now seen the way to deliver spacecraft to spacecraft. However, let's just dream here on earth here, a period of importing of biofuels from the titanium or other planets or their satellites. India The FIG. Who O p. The FIG. L V. The C-27 rocket is successfully rotated into the orbit of the rhythm of the rainbow


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