The appropriate plants are planted in small and flat beds. Plants grown in housekeeping need to be taken up with rooting. The first must be planted within a normal two or two years of planting.

Then put in a low-grade pan. After the wastes are rolled out of the soil, the roots and the branches are cut off. Stir in the pan.

Bonsai suitable plants should have the following characteristics

• The stem of the plant should be tough. This will help to grow in long term vessels.
• The wood of the trees with common trees should be attractive and beautiful.
• It should match the shape of the plant and the growing shape of the plant.
• It is a good bonsai when combined with low cholesterol, thick trunk and thick fibers.

You can also use clay made of rings. No depth required. The size of the plant may vary depending on size and size.


The content of the clay should not be too high to keep water in the soil used to be a pasteurizer. Good drainage. No extra curve is required. Do not be too much grain or just a sand. Let's melt in the ground with the soil moistened.

The hearth

Remove the thick roots and tighten the thin layers of tight roots. If the branches appear in groups, they should be cut off. This will help to get rid of the dwarf shape. If the plant is grown without any branching, its head should be cut in a certain amount.

 If the branches are smaller and well adjusted, there is no need to cut them. Whenever the plant grows, consider the growth rate and the way the plant responds.

Latexed leaves are leafy at leaf extract and leaf sheaths are less leafy in small leaves.


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